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Happy New Year 20-20

As we beckon a new year, Droplet recommends 20 things that will help you turn a new page in your financial life.

1.  Have a monthly budget in place. 2.  Earn. Save. Spend. - Start early. Start immediately.  3.  Buy a term insurance covering 20 times of your salary. Helps your dependents largely during your absence. 4.  Have adequate medical insurance in place. You don't have to shell out cash in case of medical emergencies. 5.  Do not mix insurance with investments. 6.  Have atleast six months of your monthly expenses as contingency fund. 7.  Have a plan in place before buying a property. Such as location, accessibility, resources, so on. 8.  Don't buy a property due to peer pressure or societal pressure or for status. Buy only when you are ready and it is absolutely necessary. 9.   Buy real estate only if you have 30% cash for down payment. 10. Buy real estate only if you are confident that you would stay there for next 20 years. 11. Plan and pay off your home loan in first 7 year…

Do you really need a FINANCIAL ADVISOR?!

Do I need someone to help me with something? Ideally, the answer would be yes until or otherwise you are an expert at something. Even an expert was a beginner at some point in time, experience/passion in the field would have made him an expert over time. For instance. 
What would you do if you fall sick?What would you do if you want to build six pack abs?What would you do if you wanted to be a world class bowler/batsman? In the world of internet, it may seem to be an easy task to get things done without an expert at all. But is it that easy to do so? If yes, then everyone out there will be excelling in everything with ease. Internet is a source of information with different views/opinions from people around the world. But does it really provide a solution to me? Certainly NOT, it just gives opinions.

Like all the above, even personal finance or investment seems to be an easy task. Yes, personal finance is not rocket science. If so, why only a handful of people succeed, and the majority f…